The Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Valuation

From asset protection and tagged land tax you don’t buy the vest on properties in your own names you’re only buying properties in corporate trustee sand trusts for the purpose of controlling the evaluation process because your premium banker your business banker can then request particular company or valuation company to do the evaluation on your property sole’s say for example.

You bought a house in memorabilia you didn’t either you’ve had it for a number of years and you’d now go to the business banker and you say listen I’ve got this property Reckon I’ve a bit of equity I’ve got loan against the property for five hundred thousand so I know this equity in there but I need to control the valuation process I need to get the highest possible valuation which valuation company do you have on your approved list anklet’s say for example the bank the banker says to you you know what we’ve got ABC valuations which obviously is hypothetical or fictional company doesn’t really exist okay but obviously.

They’ll have a list of different value which they’ll have Harrington why’d you know CARE charter Cay Kramer whoever opening and they can choose one but they can choose them by name they can’t choose it over here now when you get the name of the company that I can choose let’s called ABC valuation before you do that you need to do your own.

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